Build better Software faster

Compete easily with international players and
run your business more profitably

Reduce time and cost

Create new solutions in weeks. Connect the collaboration and CRM features to your existing software within days. Relay on BW2 as your technology and innovation team.

Focus on your features

Use the industry independent functionality out of the box. Work on the features that provide the most value for your clients.

Sell more services

The customization layer allows you to adapt your application to individual clients needs. Generate more revenues with services while making customers happier.

Made by Developers

For Developers

Our products and services address all of today’s challenges of small and mid-sized developer teams. The royalty free partner license model is just another reason to start working with BW2 BusinessWideWeb, the world’s most advanced business software platform.

Built-in technological leadership.

The increasing speed of a high-tech industry like software development presents smaller and medium developer teams with bigger challenges than ever before.

More and more of developer teams are asked to Internet-enable their applications, to make them mobile-friendly, to make them more scalable, more secure, or simply to redesign their user interfaces to meet today’s standards.

Another big challenge is the customization of standard applications to individual needs. Even in the same industry, every customer has his own specific needs.

Adaptable business features. Built-in.

Typically, smaller developer teams position themselves as small, agile solution providers, knowing what the customer really wants. Often, they offer business solutions for a specific line of business or a specific vertical market.

However, approximately 80-95% of the functionality in those business solutions is the same as in many other competitive solutions, such as for application areas like finance, contacts, projects, help desk, documents, invoicing and others.

Only 5 to 20% of the solution is really “specific,” meaning unique for a certain line of business or market segment (but that 5 to 20% is mission-critical to the customer).

Leverage revenue per user.

More features, a beautiful user interface and flexible customizations: Increase the license revenues from your existing user base with a new pricing model.

Free partner licenses

Your product, your revenues

We only charge for optional hosting services and unlocking the customization layer.
There is no need to force your clients to buy expensive products like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or SAP.

Free partner features

Business Features

OEM Edition
Collaboration Yes
CRM & Projects Yes
ERP & Logistics Yes
Financials Yes
Multiple Legal Entities Yes

Security & Compliance

OEM Edition
Secure – 2FA, HTTPS Yes
Granular Permissions Yes
Detailed Change Tracking Yes

Customization Features

OEM Edition
Developer Branding Yes
Certified Plugins Yes

Add-on features

Customization Add-On

OEM Edition
Unlock the Customization Layer $30 / user / month
Custom tables $20 / user / month

Hosting Add-On

OEM Edition
Application Hosting $25 / user / month
Database Storage 2 GB / user
– Overquota (per 1 GB) $10 / month
Documents Storage 10 GB / user
– Overquota (per 10 GB) $10 / month

Please contact us to discuss our OEM Partner business model.

We know your business will be successful with BW2.
Contact us if you are interested in a full or partial exit strategy.